A multi-themed online text adventure

bug typo idea

For making useful suggestions to the Powers that Be.

Usage: {bug | typo | idea} <text>

> bug the entire game crashes when I type 'put bag in bag'
> idea make a restaurant in Midgaard
> typo 'sence' should be spelled 'sense'

Those commands send a message to the God of this Realm, in which appear
the date and the name of the room where you use the command. So if you
find a bug which only appear in a room, or a typo in the description
of a room, use those commands from the room where the errors appear.

NOTE: It is not possible to type long messages via bug/typo/idea - it might
      be useful to mud-mail a God sometimes when longer explanations are

Thanks for your cooperation.

BTW: Avatars have the possibility to report bugs with more than just one
line of text, so if you need a longer version, ask one to report for you.
See Also: bugreport
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