A multi-themed online text adventure

book personal board prayerbook songbook

Books or personal boards can be used for using an object like a board. There
only exist a limited amount of them, most of which are to be used either as
prayerbooks or songbooks. Both preach and play instrument know how to handle
Keep in mind that losing the book will also lose you the contents you have
previously written into them, so treat them well.

Usage is as follows:
 > look|read|examine <obj>    - see index of messages
 > l|read|exa <obj> <keyword> - read given message
 > write <obj> keyword:title  - begin writing message with given keyword & title
 > remove <obj> <keyword>     - remove message with given keyword

Usage with preach is
 > preach <obj> <keyword> [<target>]

Usage with play instrument is
 > play <slot> <keyword> <further args>
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