A multi-themed online text adventure


An Avatar is a high-level mortal player who dedicates some of his/her time to 
helping new players in the realms.  Duties of avatars include offering advice
and help on the newbie channel and most importantly personal help to new 
players taking their first steps in the realms.

The Avatars are listed on the plate in the Hall of the Avatars north of the 
Freyburg Cathedral sanctum together with the Advisors. An Avatar may even 
become an Advisor. You can easily recognize an Avatar from his or her 
(Avatar) flag visible on the who list.  The currently serving avatars may
also be seen via the avatars command.

Once a player has finished the level 40 mission he or she may become an 
Avatar. In order to do so the Gods have to be asked whether the player 
fulfills the criteria for that position. No player has a priori RIGHT to 
become an Avatar - that's the decision of the Gods. Only experienced players 
of good character will become Avatar.

There are no clan, class or alignment restrictions to becoming avatar.
However as a representative of the mud, you are expected to behave in a 
sensible manner especially when dealing with new players.  Avatars should
always be polite and -always- be willing to help if they can.
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