A multi-themed online text adventure

auction noauction

auction sell <item> <minbid>
auction bid <amount>
auction info
auction remove

To auction an item you must have it in your inventory. Once you started
the auction, the item will be removed from your inventory until the
auction is over. If the item has been sold, you will receive the bid on
your bank-account, if not you will get your item back in your inventory.
You need to have the gold you want to bid on an item on your bank-account.

You cannot auction several types of items:
- filled containers
- scrolls, staffs, wands, potions

With 'auction info' you can see the stats of the item being auctioned, and
with 'auction remove', you can remove  the item, if you have changed your
If you don't want to hear the channel, just type noauction to toggle it

The auction channel is not for transfering eq between people because you
are too idle to walk etc.
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