A multi-themed online text adventure

say ' ask whisper sayto @

Syntax: say <text>                 Syntax: '<text>
Syntax: ask <target> <question>    Syntax: whisper <target> <text>
Syntax: sayto <target> <text>      Syntax: @<target> <text>

These channels are for communicating with the people who are in the same
room as you are. Some mobs might even react when being spoken to, although
it's most likely that they'll answer question you ASK.

Say will either let you say, ask, or exclaim something, dependant on the
final punctation on the line. As will sayto, but it will display different
messages dependant on whether you are the one who is spoken to, or are not
the target. This can clarify who you're talking to in a crowded room.

Ask and whisper are kind of private -- others in the room will see that you
are asking the target something, respectively whisper something to the target,
but they will not see the content of the communication going on.

The bonus of using the ' or @ form of say or sayto respectively, is that you
don't have to insert a space after the command; so @tom hi will work, wheres
saytotom hi will not (you'll have to do sayto tom hi).

> say hi, how are you?
> 'hi there, I'm fine!
> sayto bob hey you look beaten up, need help?
> @fred sure, I do!
> ask bob you've bribed the guards?
> whisper fred I've bribed them all!
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