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What is a 2ndchar/2.char?

2ndchar is a generic term used to refer characters you created after the
first char you ever created & played on the mud.  Obviously this can be a
bit of a grey area sometimes in respect that you might have created a char
and never levelled, in such cases we'd consider your first char to be the
char you started doing missions with.

Can 2ndchars/2.chars do Missions?

If you are a 2ndchar then you are only required to do a mission at level 30
remort to receive your remort item.  You are not allowed to do non-remort
missions (ie missions at 10,20,30,40 and 50). You are expected to register 
as a second char at the dark secretary in moonglow townhall.  If asked by a 
god if you are 2nd char you are expected to answer honestly.  Not telling 
the truth is considered cheating and will be dealt with appropriately.

If you're still not clear on whether you should be doing non-remort missions
ask your local god.  But the easy answer is, if you've done non-remorts 
before, you dont need to do them again.
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