A multi-themed online text adventure

tell continue reply < >

Syntax: tell                          Syntax: ><message>
Syntax: tell <person> <message>       Syntax: reply <message>
Syntax: continue <message>            Syntax: <<message>

Tell is a telepathic sort of communication channel which will work throughout
the world, only blocked by special soundproof romes/areas. You can even tell
people something if they are in a different time (e.g. from Science Fiction
to Ancient/Fantasy). Turning on the (Notell) flag prevents tell messaging.

If given a target person and a message, tell will forward the message to that
person, eventually warning you if the target is AFK. If you don't give a
target to tell, it will display your previous tell conversations (up to a 
maximum of 20 messages).

As soon as you have told somebody something, you can continue talking to that
person by using the continue command. Simply issue continue <message> which is
equivalent to using tell <last person you've used tell on> <message>. You might
want to consider using the > alias. Please note that continue keeps talking to
the person you've previously used TELL on, NOT reply!

In contrast to that, reply keeps directing you to the last person who has
told you something. This need not necessarily be the person you're just 
talking to, as usually between a tell and a reply some other buggers sneaks
in and steals the reply... Consider using the < alias for reply.

Tom  : tell Nick hi there      <-- continue would go to Nick. Nick's reply goes 
Nick : reply hey there.        <-- to Tom. Nick has no continue available yet.
Keena: tell Nick oh, hey!      <-- Keena can continue to Nick, whose reply now
Nick : reply hey hey           <-- goes to Keena. Still no continue for nick.
Nick : tell Tom know what..    <-- Nick's continue goes to Tom.
Keena: < what's up?            <-- talking to Nick here
Nick : > Keena's a pain        <-- talking to Tom (NOT! Keena!)
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