A multi-themed online text adventure


Imploc means IMPortant LOCation and is referring to a hard to find task to
fulfill. There can be several implocs in a zone, which can react on killing a
mob (in a group or solo), finding a room, solving a quest, or issuing any
arbitrary command near some place, monster, or object.

Implocs are spread throughout the mud and react on things only true
researchers find out. Implocs also have dependancies, i.e. it might happen you
stumble in a room which has an imploc, but don't get it set, because you
haven't collected its pre-requisite imploc(s).

Implocs are split in several groups, one for each of the major continents of
MultiMUD, one for hidden secrets and one for slaying (tough) mobs. There also
is an overall group of knowledge, which combines most of MultiMUD's implocs.

You are not informed when an imploc is set on you. Only GrGod+ know the
implocs of the mud. Implocs are one way to measure knowledge of the mud, e.g.
for top-twenty board, Avatars or remorting...

There are two mobs that will tell you about your knowledge of the mud: The
lost traveller and the exploration droid. If your knowledge is high enough,
you can ask the mobs for rewards. To find out your knowledge, ask these about
judgement, the name of a continent, secrets or slayer.  You can also ask him
for 'rewards', where he'd show you the rewards generally available, and the
very curious can ask him for 'reward <some item keyword of the reward list>'
to see an identify of the item they can gain once they've got enough implocs.

Your knowledge of the mud has to be 'remort' in order to be able to remort.
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