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immortal immortality

In theory, a mortal can be promoted to immortality from level 40 on.
However, as with Avatars, he has no a priori right to become immortal
and has to do work for the mud before.

The normal way would be to volunteer for an Avatar position first and
- after the mortal has proven to be worthy and rised some more levels -
ask again to be promoted to immortality.
In special cases, for example well known and liked characters or people
who had proven their immortal abilities elsewhere advancement may occur
more quickly - this does not occur often!

No-one will become immortal if he or she is not willing to do work
for the realm. Promotion of immortals depends on the work they did for
the mud.

The wizlist and immlist show active immortals only. Immortals which are
not doing work for the realm will first be deleted from the list and 
finally deleted as a whole.

Immortals cannot be members of clans.
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