A multi-themed online text adventure


Vlad is an elven Lord, but his name is damned and has been struck off 
History books.
During his youth, he served under the Rangers. Friend of bats and
werewolves, the moon slowly changed his ideal. He decided to fight
his enemies. He was one of the first priests engaged in a crusade.
Repelling his foes, he organized a state, protected by strong borders.
To scare them, he impaled many people on battlefields.
And that was the beginning of a legend...Called the Impaler on account
of his barbarity, he was accused of revering the powers of Darkness.
Rumors tell us that he's fond of fresh blood, which is the only way
for him to keep his youth. His corrupted blood may bring you immortality.
But actually, no one knows the truth.
He's said a bit irreverent and mischievous. Despite his eccentricity,
(his love of nature induces him to sleep between four wooden boards),
he honours his commitments.

To follow him, you must get involved in life. So, don't stay neutral, make
choices! Choose whatever side you want, good or evil. Indeed, who can judge
your goals are good or evil? Opinions are biased, and only yours is valuable!
At least, you must be level 25. It's the time required to make your mind...
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