A multi-themed online text adventure


Once upon a time, Vignard was born. His mother, a beautiful halfelf
lived alone in the elven tree. She realized very soon, that Vignard
had a strong magic aura with him. So she decided to support the 
training in magic. She sent him the elven masters of magic, who
weren't able to teach him more, after a few days. 

So, grown up, Vignard  decided to leave his hometown and to conquer 
the lands of the realm. He explored the worlds in order to find all
masters of magic to exchange their knowledge from them. Sometimes,
the balance of the magic was drained to the dark side, cause he
trusted evil spirits, but he realized soon that the magic itself
is good and pure. After some month. there was no other mortal that 
could teach him more about magic. 

One day, Vignard was fighting for the good brother Nahal. A horde of
goblins send by the evil brother raided Takedo in order to kill Nahal.
So Vignard joins the army of Defenders and watched the life of good
brother. He fought long and prosper, but then time had come and
a goblin slayed him in the fight. Vignard heard the calling of the 
gods to follow their ranks and was known as immortal from that time 

If you wanna follow Vignard you need to
   1) keep an eye on your alignment, which should be good or neutral
      the most time of your life
   2) may not be a follower of the dark side, specially [FOT]
   3) must be a magic user in your first class (mage, cleric)
   4) be at least level 30
   5) show yourself in good roleplay
   6) Don't harras newbies!
   7) PK is accepted in the way, the mud-rules allow it,
      but don't harras Players who got a KILLER flag, or who are 
      below your level (5 level range is ok, or if player has
      shown that he is able to stand the fight.)
   8) Please don't kill Jar Jar Binks  

If you fit these rules and want to be a follower of pure and good magic, 
worship him at his altar, or ask Vignard himself to enroll you.
See Also: worship
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