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Vasil is a god who follows the ancient egyptian beliefs. He was
actually dropped off by an alien craft and was marooned here on purpose
for his crimes.  Also, added to his punishment, he was force to renounce
his powers as an energy being and was made into an elf. As time went on,
Vasil was a sorcerer who usually fought alone. He would die a lot, but
strangely enough, he was coming back from the dead (A sign of being
immortal huh?). A female elf would always help him in going and fighting
again, but to bad she was married already. Anyways, Vasil was approached
by Aragorn and was forced to become immortal. So, as Vasil thought, if
he was going to be forced into becoming something, he was going to bring
someone with him too. So, Vasil dragged along the female elf that would
help him at times to become immortal too. Now, that Vasil is immortal,
the very smart egyptians began to worship him immediately. So when you
see Vasil, you will notice all the symbols of egypt being worn. Now that
Vasil is immortal, all he does is party and drinks lots of beer (as if
such mortal stuff has an effect....damn!).
Anyways, the immortal sorcerer eventually became the "Advisor of Warriors"
(Hmmm...a sorcerer as an advisor to warriors...how odd!).
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