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He watched over the fate of pre-Conquest Mexico's agricultural pueblos:
Tlallocantechuhtli, lord of the place from which springs the earth's
sustenance. Or more simply, Tlaloc, superstar of the Toltec and Aztec
pantheon whose image was rendered by countless unknown artists of long-ago. 
His distinguishing marks are goggle-like eyes, a serpentine nose, two huge
fangs and a pleated paper fan, denoting fertility, at the back Of his neck. 
Some representations show him with water spilling from his hands, others
holding an aquatic flower, an ear of corn or a serpent. Aztecs used to
sacrifice children to the rain god Tlaloc. The tears of children were said
to encourage rain.
  Tlaloc ruled over a little bit of paradise called Tlalocan. Tlalocan is a
vast primordial garden filled with fruit trees, lush plants, myriad
flowers,all dancing, playing games, bathing, picking flowers and catching
butterflies. Under the protection of the rain god, valiant women and the
elite Aztec warriors known as Knights of the Eagle (Caballeros Aguila) were
believed to pass the after life in Tlalocan, as were souls lost by drowning.
  To follow this God you need to be an experienced player (Level 30+) and
you should try to get yourself a good mud knowledge.
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