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The mother of all life became older and older. When she felt, 
that she will soon lose her power to give life, she decided to 
bear a daughter. 

But this daughter had to learn about the life of the mortals, about 
the world and the nature, about all, which is guided by the mother. 
Only then she could take the place of the old mother one day. 
Therefore the mother gave her child to a mortal family and she 
asked Faery to guard her. 

She rose up in a farmers family. None told her, who she was, and 
what is her destiny, but her nature was strong. She was attracted 
by the powers of healing, and her curiosity drove her to explore 
the world. She became member of the Rangers clan and was one day 
rewarded with the title of a Realmtraveller. During her travels 
she met then Faery, who had promised her mother to watch her. 
She was impressed by him, and she decided to follow him. So he taught 
her step by step about the true nature of the world. She met lot of 
the immortals of the realm, always trying to enlarge her knowledge, 
as her mother had foreseen.

Time was passing, and she became more and more aware of her destiny. 
Finally, she was ready to accept her true nature and leave her mortal 
life behind.

But this was only one step on the her way. She learned about
the other side of the world, about the part, which only could be 
seen by the immortals. But also there she was successful and the
rose more in powers.
Now people who follow the way of Nature may worship her and get
her blessings. 

What are the ways of Nature? All what is growing in the world is
under her protection. And for everything there is a time to rise
and a time to wither. Every plant, every deer, every man and
every woman has his time to live and to die. So she neither rejects
those who heal nor those who kill, as she knows, that by fighting
the various beings in the world you gain your knowledge and wisdom.

She likes to see her followers being helpful and use the powers
of nature to save life. 
As its not beyond the decision of mortals, when another hero should 
die, you should never kill just for fun. And never you should raise 
your weapon against another hero by purpose !!

Finally to say: Its not easy to find the right place to worship her,
go out, search and think.
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