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"Thabor was born as the only son of an elven priestess, who's name has been    
 forgotten in the mists of time. His father was a young human adventurer,
 who left Thabor's hometown soon after hearing the young priestess he had
 seduced was bearing his child.
 At the age of 10 his mother died by the hands of an enraged Paladin of the
 Inquisition, thinking his mother served Evil. This left the young boy 
 without the protection of his mother and soon he became an outcast of the
 Elven race because of his 'unpure' blood. He was laughed at, abused and
 beaten up by those he couldn't flee from.
 The Hate in the boy was strong and he swore he would have his revenge on
 the whole world one day. He left the town and became a wanderer, a drifter."

Little is known of the way Thabor's life evolved in those years of 
wandering, but fact is he returned to his hometown one day...
years and years later.
------------------Marius, human sage----

"And a dark stranger appeared at the gates, he was unmistakingly of mixed
 blood, so we refused to open the gates. The smile on his face was 
 horrifying and the cold red glow in his eyes made us cold to the bone.
 Although he silently whispered we could understand his words on the
 watchtower where we were standing, he whispered 'I have returned after
 three times seven years, I have become something you will all learn to
 fear. But despair not, the time of fearing me will be short. You will all
 die with my name blossoming on your lips: 'Thabor!'.
 After these foreboding words the gates scattered and Thabor entered the
 village. He had become a powerful wielder of the Darkest Magic our race
 had ever seen and when he left the village no child above 10 was alive,
 no building still standing. I was 5 years old at the time but never will
 I forget this demon in half elven shape."

-------------Martillian, elven sage-----

The destruction of his hometown was not enough to feed Thabor's Hate,
he started travelling the lands, growing in power and leaving destruction
wherever he came. The resistance he met was futile and only made him
stronger in his Dark ways.

One day, travelling the paths of darker magic he had ever tried, a powerful
Entity from another dimension took intrest in him. The entity was pure evil
and always looking for a way to conquer new dimensions and enslave new 
races. They closed a pact and from that day Thabor preached the words of
Lord Thador, making the lands ready for His arrival, sowing Terror and Fear
in the hearts of it's citizens. Soon he and Naika founded the cult of the
FoT, preparing the arrival of Underworld, the first key of many to unlock
the Gate for Lord Thador. The Terror they brought to the Lands, can be read
in any of the annals of those dark ages.

Then, without sign, Thabor disappeared. It is rumoured he was called to 
Lord Thador's dimension. When he returned, he had become even more powerful, now
wielding the foulest way of magic, Necromancy. With countless hordes of
undead at his command he found back the FoT and swiftly resumed leadership.

But then the Pantheon of Gods noticed him, recognising leaving this mortal
walking around would damage their creation. Thabor was summoned and granted
immortality. A poisoned gift, since an immortal's hands are tied by the
Balance of Good and Evil. He cannot interfere into mortal affairs or aid
Lord Thador in his quest anymore. Of course, as a master of Intrigue he has
now started building his own cult of followers, who bring corruption to the
heart of the realm itself.

Becoming one of the Cult Of Decay is only possible by the word of Thabor.
Followers should posses the heart of Darkness and the mind of Intrigue.
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