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Not the air moved in the night,
Silent and glittering the snow lay white,
Not a cloud to see in the starry sky.
No waves beating the frozen sea,
From the deep rose an icy tree,
Until the tree top glittered in the stars.
And from the branches did a crystal rise,
Giving birth to the god of ice.
Tarji ap'Telstii is the God of Winter. He has the appearance
of an ice-formed elf, with a glittering skin and blue and flashing 
eyes, that seem like diamond flames.
In his early days, he wandered the realms until he got bored with
the things that were and put his mind into creating new and 
wonderous places. His creating speed is unpredictable, sometimes 
like the full power of an avalanche and then like the slow, but 
unstoppable, movements of the great glaciers.
He doesn't bother with good or evil, cause if it comes to it, all 
suffer equally under the hard reign of winter. He was only known to
interfere in times of great tourmoil, to safe the delicate balance 
of the universe. His mind is set to wisdom and knowledge and he was 
once famous for his knowledge of the realms. 
To follow him, a character must have gained enough wisdom and 
knowledge to be of level 20 or more.
See Also: worship
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