A multi-themed online text adventure


Once upon a time Roy was born as a human mage.  His birth was under
a good star, because Fulmen, the source source of Magic, watched him.
Roy bowed deeply before the great Fulmen and said, 'I will be a wizard
some day!', and Fulmen smiled upon him and replied 'You will be good
one.'  Wearing Fulmen's blessing, Roy studied the evil kind of Magic,
was reborn as a Wizard and became an Adept of the famous Wizard Albion.
Roy was a follower of Fulmen and for this he had to keep clanless, but
Albion, Archwizard of Spellworm taugh him all he had to teach.  Finally,
Roy gained the full powers a mortal wizard can have.  Possessed with
a deeper love for the Magic, he studied the ways, Magic could be used
and discovered most of the hidden secrets about it.  To share his love
and knowledge of Arts of Magic, he founded the 'Circle of Magic', where
spellcasters could proove their abilities in solving difficult tasks.
Roy himself accepted any challange life could offer him, to test his
abilities himself, he was a Survivor, he cleaned the UW alone, defeated
the FOTs hunting him, and collected the knowledge about the magic items
the world kept secret.
Studying the white and the black side of the Magic, Roy came to the
understanding, that both sides are needed to keep the Magic itself
alive.  For this he was known as the Balancekeeper, trying to hold the
balance between Good and Evil in the world.  When Fulmen left the world,
Roy was very desperate.  He felt an emptiness, a danger for the Magic
itself.  But he didn't give up, but studied harder and finally found
an hidden arcane secret of Wizardry, the Creating of Materie, just using
the Magic itself.  This knowledge gave him immortality and changed his
appearance.  He became a Starwizard.

To become a Follower of him, you must share his deeper love for the
magic itself.  You have to be polite, and carry the yearning to become
a true Master of the Magic you wield.  As the Balancekeeper, Roy will
accept good, neutral or evil followers as well.  You should be a first
born Caster (CL/.. or Ma/..) or a Bard.  If you are a monk, make sure
that you are one of the friendly ones, because Roy will not accept
any PK-possessed followers.  Do no cheat and follow his words, and he
will care for you, but if you will make him feel ashamed for you, ...

You will not find his altar.  If you feel the desire to become a
member of his circle, contact him after you crossed the Level 30.
See Also: worship
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