A multi-themed online text adventure

reyon rey

Reyon, Born from the Black Sun, came into this world to spread fear and  
destruction among the mortals. He is a tall man with dark brown eyes. The
first thing you notice if you meet him is the evil grinning and the
silent, voiceless laughter.
Thrown into the world he followed the way of the cleric, but soon
discovered the dark side of his soul. After a few years of learning and   
gathering a vast knowledge of the realm, his whole life followed one rule:
                    BE WITH ME, OR BE DEAD !

There was no grey, only black, or white. When the time had come, his
powers had been approved and he took the last steps of ascension. Soon he
reached the highest steps of immortality where he steps down from time to
time to punish the cheaters, the killers and the thieves.

He is one of the keepers of the law. The only thing he demands from 
those who wants to follow him is, LOYALITY. Those who already met him,
know, that his rewards could be great, those who deceived him fear him
You should at least be Level 30 to follow him.
See Also: worship
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