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Benden Breghnowsky, as a mortal a halfelven priest, member of the circle of
starwizards as well as a paladin, has turned into a fierce and distorted
image of what he once was. The way he's turned away into the realms of
immortality included the total sacrifice, and what's gone too was his once
existing sense for compassion as well as other virtues of his former

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Back in the days where Benden became a starwizard, he wrote his application
to this circle:

``My life began, a long time ago, in the elven tree near midgaard, where I was
equcated and also taught in the skills of sneaky silence, the lifesaving
bandage and the wonderful art of shooting with a bow.  All of my life it
seemed that my fate would be to hunt together with the other elves round
there. I was skilled enough in that which I did to live such a life, and so
I did not looked with much sorrow into the future.

Until I had this dream, of which I will, of course, tell you nothing more,
it should be enough for you to know that within this (horrible!) dream I was
shown my further path.  It showed that this path was that of an adventurer.
As I walked out of the elven village, and walked to the city of midgaard,
heading to freyburg, as I was told the knowledge of the explorer who lives
there and serves the adventurer in the tourist information, some goblin
attacked me, and I found myself healing, withstanding the deadly powers of
the goblins sword.

Many days have passed since then, and much of my former strength is lost.
Once I was able to lift many rock, now I have problems in wielding my special
friend, my lovely bow. But the trade of becoming adventurer brought more than
it took, as not only my strength, but my skill to wield the bow disappeared.

It came back, as there did come magic power in an not known extent. I was
questing for the edge of magical powers available, as I am sure that this is
the path to fulfill my fate, and found out about this circle.

Many of you are much more powerful than I am, as all of you either master
the other way of magic, or studied much more of the path you already were
walking on.  So, although I hardly believe I can be of much help. But I am
willing to learn the ways of starmagic Roy already once followed, and, as a
part of the path I see for myself disappearing in the fogs of future, I offer
you all the help I can give.

-Benden Breghnowsky, Cleric Of Combat, Archer.''

Benden was accepted into the circle, and not long after also into the clan
of paladins. He travelled all of the world, and had the chance to team up
with the some of the most powerful and experienced heroes to solve tasks
which nowaday still shock young adventurers when they're being told. He
kept some groups alive through gems of battles as well as he visited nearly
every place in existence. Life was good to him ...

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...but doom sparked on him as he was made aware of the existance of a 
demon named the Crimson King. Marten Broadcloak, a wanderer with whom he 
was travelling a lot back in these days, told about him, and ultimately 
it led to Benden's demise:

``Greetings to thee, fellow paladins.

I come to report of my demise. I am hit by a very weird
kind of curse that found its way through universes and
time. I remember the time when Marten Broadcloak was
haunted by a quite similar spell, yet I did not yet dare
to ask him, because if I did I would admit my own end.
I wrote this very same onto the hidden sphere of knowledge
of the circle of delver in spells I belong to.

Marten himself told me that the Crimson King, the Master
of the Tower, a devil in quite some worlds was haunting
him, drawing his attention onto these plains. I for myself
was very interested in getting to know about this demon
as I was still young, and a burning flame of pure magic
was feeding my lust for enemies - as a young starpriest I
believed I could improve my spells best by searching the
mightiest of demons, and repel them, purify their bones
with the pure might of my - thank roy - godly improved
casting abilities. I wanted to search this demon, and fight
it together with a group of finest travellers I knew - paladins
and rangers alike. Yet I failed in my search, well not exactly.

With my thriving to find and fight this devil I drew its 
attention onto my soul, and he established a link through
time, through my own visions which haunted him on which he
was able to fulfill the curse. Well - he had luck the link
only could be stable while I was 'absent-minded' GRRRRRRRRR...

Yet I am a priest, and my believings in my good of fate as
of my following of Roy, the Starwizard, and as of coming to
this circle to learn and teach, I see hope in my dreams.

My latest travel of fight - before I was struck by the curse -
lead me and a group of known paladins into the battlefields
of Asgard, where we were assisting the valkyres and einheriers,
trying to help Fargoch on his needs, but we retreated as we
were hunted by the wizards up there - A battle I did not seek
on my older days as those chaotic beings might be well on the
best place it could be - the battlefields. Even if Odin looses
his complete army, if the battlefields would be cleaned they'd
sure feel better *G* After those -partly- glorious beatings I
had dreams of mighty magic, magic I could use in the battle against
the wizards of war. I was beginning to understand the magic, it
was great, but very hard to cast - rites of days, chanting and
praying for weeks, sacrificing sheer unbelievable things...
Yet I saw, the formula was quite near the formula of creation
Roy used - the matrices - the threads of power - it looked so
famiglia (pardon me -kakkle- I'm getting old) to me. I now
again remember this magic, and want to use it, do the final
sacrifice - my mortal shape should set free my spirit - just
to escape the horrible magic of the crimson king.

Today I was overtaken by a foreign spirit for a short time,
the battle was gruesome, but I won and reached again the might
over myself, while I was looking into astonished faces of
people at the fountain. I start my chantings to cleanse my
soul, it starts to gain more control over me than I liked 

Star's Highpriest Benden Breghnowsky.''

A bit later on, his farewell message to the circle of starwizards:

``Not very long ago my spirit was overwhelmed by another, dark one, I feel very
familiar with. My own evil has been set free, the bands of free will and control
banished by the evil curse, and a constant fight is set free in me, while 'he'
was empowered by the EVIL one. Again I have to curse fate that I only could
face him in my dreams. Nonetheless, when I returned to control my own body
I found people looking at me as if I had threatened them.. strange things occur.

You ALL will serve your master soon, har har.. Only you do not know
who he is? HE is the unspoken ruler of multiverse, unbelievable dark
yet powerful - HE brings to life, HE brings to control, HIS will will
be done by you, you who research the might of spells for a long time
will be greatly rewarded to help achieve his power also on these realms!

I also realized that if I am overtaken and regain control, I have no idea
how much time has passed. I will now begin to lock myself in my home, the
castle of paladins, and chant the complex prayers to cleanse myself, and
build the bands to hold back my evil self to let me complete the ritual.

I am very happy that you all want to help me - yet I fear it's all far
too late. For all of you who do not have lost their hope like I now did
for my body, contact Marten. He knows most about this evil demon, even
more than me, as I am a priest - he a wizard. His view on the magical
beings and powers are surely more logical and less empathic than mine.

Best for you, May the stars guide you, in the name of roy
Benden Breghnowsky''

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Quite soon after that Benden finished the final chants and rhymes, meditating
for days in the castle of paladins. After he questionned his fate, sacrificed
his body and did the final step, his mortal shape fell to death and he arose
as shimmering ghost, to haunt the living.

He started to use the newly learnt formula of creation, and put it to use
throughout the realms. Quickly land began to sprout, through time and space,
followed by changes in the world itself. He slowly began to master the
formula, and is still; from time to time the universe collapses because he
still hasn't learnt all the parameters...

As he used the formula more and more, his own appearance started to change
as well. The ghost slowly faded into existence with haunting a halfelven
body. While it rotted and Benden kept using the formula, he slowly turned
into a lich. As even this body could no longer withstand the forces of magic
flowing through benden's mind, the transformed skull you can see today was
all that's left.

Benden has lost all the virtues of the paladins but one - Justice. Even 
though his main plans seem to be plotting the demise of men, he will still
approach a mortal asking with the fairness appropriate.

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Some Spy tells about him:

``If you want to become his follower, you have to convince Benden that you're
worth his attention. You have to announce a quest to him (along with your
application) you have laid upon yourself, and keep track of what
you're doing for it [oocly & ic pls :)]. After you are finished, you present
the result(s) [the item(s) to sacrifice / story / whatever] of it, along
with a questreport for him to read [that report is *not* ooc!]. If Benden
likes what you have done, he might listen to your prayers and answer them.
Please note that you only will get very few chances because he will
probably be annoyed very quickly!''

He continues:

``Benden expects only those with a neutral or dark heart to follow him, those
with a pure soul will probably be too disgusted by what is required (but
might try to try and keep their god from destroying them). Details will be
told after an applicant has been accepted. You should know it's about
Curiosity and Sacrifice, Death and Pain (and ok, -some- Justice). This is
all I'm allowed to tell.''
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