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Mithrandir, also known as Gandalf, is one of the Istari, who stand behind
the mortals to guard their lives, and to protect the world from all evil.
As the Gods saw then, a long time ago, that the world was overwhelmed by
Thador's Darkness, which was daily increased by the at this time extremely
mighty Followers Of Thador, they gave Mithrandir the shape of a fat, old
drooling and farting Dwarf, so he would fit into the mould most mortals had
of Dwarves at this time (except, of course, the Dwarves).
He then was sent onto the world with the mission to weaken the Darkness, and
to set up structures on the world, so it could defend itself.
And the Gods decide to take all his might, so he would get to know the realms
Mithrandir began to follow the path of the masters of healing - he became a
cleric, strengthening the Fighters for the Good with his healing spells.
Soon Mithrandir was known throughout the realms as a helpful being, always
ready to train new fighters to become brave ones who crush the evil.
To achieve this aim better he set up the clan of the Guardian, reminding
the mortals of one Istari, who was sent already to the world a long time ago
and fulfilled his mission ending in the ban of some of Lord Thadors' brothers.
So soon he trained a whole clan to help the newbies, and then became Avatar
to be nearer to his Gods. The Gods then decided, that the might he gathered
still wasn't enough, so they showed him the way to have a new start, and
he solved his way to Yoda, and began to travel the realms again with the
wisdom of his new class - the class of the wise men - the Sages.
Also in this shape he helped all the mortals to find their way through the
dark, and with the help of the mighty paladins, and as the evil never
can really win (as also the light will never gain victory in the endless
struggle), the Followers Of Thador could no longer threaten the realms like
they did before. And this was the Omen for Mithrandir to leave the mortal
realms again, leaving the intact Clan Of The Guardian Of Honor And Youth.
So the Greater Gods decided that his mission was fulfilled, the evil stroke
back, and they gave him again the shape of an Istari.

To follow Mithrandir you should be aware of some things:

*** You should have realized, that the Path Of Evil will never lead to
    your goal.
*** You should have realized, that the children have the might of tomorrow
    and therefore you should help them through the Darkness, and train
    them for their further Life
*** You should have gathered enough might so you're able to assist the ones
    who are in need of it. Therefore you should have reached level 30.
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