A multi-themed online text adventure


One day, the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation decided to create a new kind of
droid with a feature they called GPP, Genuine People Personalities, and built
a prototype called Marvin.
Marvin proved to be a highly intelligent being, his brain sized like a 
planet. He was, for example, able to talk a Frogstar Scout robot class D
heavy duty battle machine ,a tank, out of killing him and his friends.

Marvin's only problem was that he became manic depressive. Maybe the reason
was his superior intelligence, maybe he just realized that no one could 
ever be a challenge to his abilities. Thinking about life, the universe and
everything made him feel bad.

So Marvin went out to find a solution to his desperate state of being, and
after a very long journey through space and time, covering several dimen-
sions, he reached the realms of MultiMud.

He explored the lands for some time, and in due course, there was nothing
more for him to discover. Along his way, people saw his actions and, not 
knowing about his high tech capabilities, took his actions to be magic.

And now, something unexpected happened: Marvin seemed to like the lands of
MultiMud. He decided to use his time and abilities to serve the realm -
and especially those who were new to it - and entered Avatar duty.

After some time of being Avatar, the gods gave him the greatest gift: 
Marvin was given the breath of life. Immortal life even! 

Those of you who want to follow Marvin should consider a few rules:
Although Marvin started to like the lands of MultiMud, he never came to de-
feat his depression. So you should know the realm well enough to find 
reasons why life isn't that bad at all, or to prove why he's right about
Thus, good mud knowledge should be pursued. 
You also shouldn't hassle newbies, because life is hard enough anyway.
For the same reason, you shouldn't kill other players. Followers who keep 
doing PK will be banned from the circle of followers.
Alignment is not an issue, as long as you are lawful.
Also, there is no minimum level required to follow Marvin, but everyone will 
have to show good RP and mud knowledge to be accepted.
See Also: worship
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