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Maruk al Yassaffer is better known as the Vampiristic Librarian of the Gods. 
He used to travel Keorangar as a dwarven warrior, following the path of 
neutrality as General of the Rangers, when he got his immortal call. Becoming
immortal he was the first to change into the new race that appeared about
that time, the Vampires. He is fond of books and wisdom, so he choose the
path of neutrality, wisdom and philosophy as his way. He likes all people as
long as they fulfill their part of balance. His opinion is, that the balance
between Good and Evil, Chaos and Order must be maintained. After some time,
he also became the God of Rock'n Roll Music, so he is very fond of Musicians
and Bards. 
Normally he is known as a nice guy, but beware his wrath if you disturb his
peace and the neutrality of this mud.

Maruk has left this dimension !
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