A multi-themed online text adventure


Kham, the son of a mother and a father.
One day Kham woke up and found himself standing in life. He stumbled through 
this life like a cat swims through a river. Somehow all his mighty friends 
gave him the possibility to survive in the most dangerous realms. But when he 
discovered all  the secrets of life (like walking means to put one foot before 
the other) he faced all opponents that were stupid enough to get in his way.

Soon there were no places in the realms that he had not visited and no 
monster he had not fought and so he was clueless again.
What should he do?
This was the time of the one mistake the mighty leader Aragorn made. He gave 
Kham the gift of Immortality. Since this time Kham flies through space and 
time to bring chaos and disorder to all the people in the realms. But besides 
being the one and only creature who still doesn't know where to look for 
information he shares his knowledge with everybody who asks.
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