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This is the story of the entity that is called Kain here, or at least all I
could learn from him:
No one knows where his roots are, he is said to be the father of Vampire, yet
he stated that "he had no more interest in the jihad" and thus doesn't like
to be bothered by Vampire groupies if they don't follow him for other reasons.
The next thing we know about him is that he must have found this dimension - 
probably attracted by the strong aura Aragorn was emitting. 
The first people to worship him were the darkelfs of Aycethera - They called
him C'hain and committed uncountable violent murders and blood sacrifices to 
serve him. They prospered and C'hain 's demons helped to build the tremendous
monument that is today's Aycethera. The religion was banished though later on
because Aycethera's Summoner, the monarch of the city, considered it a waste
of resources. As this religion had lasted a few thousand years Kain didn't
really mind, because he hates boredom. He stated that sometimes he misses the
good old times, the odor of decay, splattering blood, smashed brains...
Therefore he is happy to still have some cults who worship him for the pure
delight of blood. I, as librarian, might state that his lust for blood does
resemble his vampiric roots - or maybe not.
Ever since his ethereal travel through the dimensions, something had tainted 
him. An edge that had made him more violent in the beginning. Now, he started
to study it and it became him and he became it. As there is no better word
in this language he called it insanity. This caused him to prank around when
he felt like it and most of all, it gave him a unique way to regard the world.
As he told me this he started to cackle that loud that I feared for my windows
which are made of especially expensive ... Er, never mind that, let's go on:
He told me that while scanning worlds dimensions and times, one kind of 
phenomen found his special attention: Those worlds and their way of thinking
which were called Cyberpunk by authors of the 1980's of planet earth's history
. That way of thinking - be it the miserable but hardened soul of a street's
squatter or the arrogant and heartless mind of a corporate also form a part of
Kain's mind now.
Kain's body is still that of a noble looking darkelf but heavily cybered up
and surged with divine power. 
From "A portrait of a god : Kain through the time" by Enli Shikeydan after
a series of talks he had with Kain.
Requirements for following Kain:
1.) You must be neutral or evil.
2.) You may not be a stupid puppet (Warrior as first class)
3.) You must have visited a Science Fiction area at least once.
4.) You must identify with one of the aspects and respect the others.
Visit Kain's temple for more information.
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