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Kabat was the son of a rough man of war and a beautiful elven maiden.
When the world was at war and you could hear the God of War`s laughter about
the mortal attempts to conquer foreign realms, huge armies crossed the land
and left a trail of destruction behind them.
Tarji, the god of winter casted an ice age over the world to punish the
the idly mortals. What a pleasant world for a young half-elf to grow up and
learn the ways of living. He, himself an outcast. Half elf, half human.
Not accepted in both worlds.
So, Kabat decided to learn the ways of Magic to bring destruction where he
learned nothing else but destruction. As the years passed by he grew a
powerful Wizard among the mortals but being a mortal Wizard was not enough
for him. He planed to be even more powerful. As follower of the dark side
and wicked Half-Elf he started a ritual to unite with the eternal flame of
Hell-Fire. To burn away his mortality and gain the eternal LIFE and POWER
of the Forces of evil, destruction and Hell-Fire.
The ritual turned Kabat from a once beautiful Half-Elf into a terrible
looking yet awesome powerful Demon. Now being an Immortal Kabat reached his
goal and spreads his selfish ideas among the mortals.
Follow him if you are evil or even neutral and experienced (Level 30+).
See Also: worship
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