A multi-themed online text adventure


Harmony was born in an elven village. Her father was a war dancer and her
mother herbalist. She has one younger sister, Melody. Her first years were
happy and quite, she grew in wisdom and intelligence. All this fell in chaos
when a horde of orcs devastated her village, killing her whole family,
except her sister and her. She went to Freyburg and, on purpose of having a
revenge, became a mage.  But she didn't fell into tap of the chaos; Harmony
saved her soul by using her new capacities to help newbies on the harsh way
of life. That's also why she wanted to become a GUARDIAN. She had the great
luck to have Mithrandir as clanleader, who taught her a lot; even more,
tender feelings appeared between them and they decided to get married. Most
of their friends were at the ceremony to show their friendship. But Harmony
felt that she had to go further on her quest of power. She met Obi-Wan
Kenobi, who leaded her to Yoda. As her aim and knowledge of the world was
good enough, Yoda decided to learn her more and show her the way: Harmony
became a Sorcerer. When Tlaloc, 2.leader of the Guardians, was called by the
Gods to the Avatar's position, the clannies trusted her and voted for her to
be the new 2.leader. But she didn't stay there for long:some days later she
was also called by the gods, and she joined Tlaloc in the Avatars. She just
had the time to give some ideas for the clanranking to Alabama who became
2.leader of the Guardians. Thus she left the Guardians to leanr the Avatar's
life and job. She was helped by Tlaloc ; Kromos and Mithlond at this time.
She hoped to stay calm and just, even if some cases were difficult. But she
felt she still had some way to go: she worked in Kerofk and, as reward, the
Gods gave her immortality. As Immortal, Harmony has to take some functions,
and she choosed the BloodangelsClan, who accepted her as Clanimmo. Now,
maybe she'll gain more power.. let's the future decide !

To become a follower of Harmony you must be :
- level 20 minimum.
- From alignement >0, and make your best to keep this align !
- Harmony hates the heroes that kill each other, try to avoid the PK's !
You can't be :
- outlaw, killer, thief.
There are no restrictions of race, clans, sexe, age,  color of the hair, etc.
Harmony is the Goddess of Light and Order, she expects her followers
to bring Light and Order where they are !
See Also: worship
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