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Born in the vicinity of Urugronk, Gronk grew up on the streets and trails of
the orcish realms.  Being gifted more with mundane powers than mental ones,
he took up arms and the way of the warrior very early in his life and managed
to eek out a living in the harsh area next to the goblin mountains,
discovering his battle prowess during a goblin raid on his home village.

After a few years, he moved to Freyburg and tried to live his life, working
as bodyguard, enforcer, bouncer, whatever was available.  Once, he was
travelling to Downtown with some boring human merchant, the small carawan
got attacked by octopi in the damp caves just outside of the city.  Rushing
to the defense, Gronk slipped on the wet floor, lost his footing and fell
into the whirling waters. Despite his tremendous strength, he was drawn into
the deadly vortex and would have died, if not someone had arrived via magical
means and then levitated Gronk out of his soon to be wet grave.  Catching
his breath, he was told that his saviour was no one else but Grymheart the
Guardian wizard, who then, after the merchant has reached his destination
and Gronk's contract was fullfilled, returned to Freyburg and took the
exhausted Orc with him.

Being curious about the life of a Guardian, Gronk volunteered to stay with
them for some time and help out here and there. After a while, he realized
that this was a much more pleasing life than being a sword for hire.  Many
things did he learn during his early time with the Guardians, among them
manners, the concept of help and generosity, but he also had masterful
trainers in the art of battle, both mundane and magical.

His masters during that time were, among others, Marten Broadcloak, Grymheart,
Io and the elders Ajelae and Funklord.  During this time, however, he found
out that he prefered the mundane art of battle to the arcane arts. So, when
it came to the time to choose his further way of living, he decided to become
a knight, a master of the battle and leadership.

Soon after while looking for spiritual guidance, he came across an ancient
shrine dedicated to the Lord Aragorn whom he decided to follow as the values
represented by the followers of the Old Codex seemed to be the most
appropriate and fitting his train of thinking.  Life was good and interesting
for a long time, during which Gronk was elected as the banner bearer of
Aragorn himself, he led countless raids against the evil denizens of the
grasslands of Asgard, fought the battle of Ragnaroek, faced the evil Crimson
King himself and many things more. He also managed to survive in the lethal
arena and gained enough experience and knowledge to gain the title of

In the course of his travels, he managed to find a new uncharted area below
the fair city of Moonglow and helped to defend the city against the evil
beings awoken from their slumbers.  For this deed, he was allowed to ascend
to the heavens and become the Lucent Knight, the master of war.

Becoming a follower of Gronk is possible for orcs and trolls of all classes.
But as he looks very kindly on warriors and favours prowess, warriors of other
races may ask him to grant their wish.

However, elves, dwarves, humans and vampires are generally not accepted.
What does being a greenskin, a member of the Orcish Battle Line, mean? A
followership means kinship, means working together. Orcs have enough problems
with the other races, they do not need strife among themselves.  Consider
yourself superior to other races and act accordingly: never be too friendly
to elves, dwarves, humans or vampires.

Gronk seeks to strengthen the orcish race in order to ensure their superiority
and their survival, therefore you will be asked to fullfill a quest now and
then. Be prepared for that.

Minimum level to join: 10
Align: all allowed, though good or neutral is prefered.
See Also: worship
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