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Sonia lost her parents when she was still a child but a nice group of
people welcame her and teached her the best way to live in this Realm.
This group was (and still now) called the GUARDIANs ...  She raised the
hierarchy and helped all the fellow people adventuring through the Realm,
the same way other GUARDIANs did for her.  But unfortunately, once she
got misleaded and try to kill an innocent ...  even if it was a nasty and
greedy FOT. GUARDIANs decided to punish her, she didn't accept and left
them ...  During her lonely journey she met a strange guy in Rome. A
guy who was bathing in wine circled by many beautiful serving women.
This guy was actually an ancient deity, a forgotten deity coming from
another realm, BACCHUS !  Sonia was seduced in one second and promised
to serve him the best she can ... That's why she created the famous
BACCHANTES These BACCHANTES showed the men how they are weak and could
only serve as slaves !  This period was quite dark in Sonia's mortal life,
full of killing, slaving, ...  Far from the kind girl she was before ...
During a cloudless night, she saw the reflect of their parents appearing
in the sky, maybe it was a sign coming from the gods or just an abuse
of wine.  None knows but she changed her mind instantaneously and got back
to the GUARDIANs leaving the BACCHANTES to real leader for such a group.

Anyway the taste of pleasures didn't disappear ... only the bad side of
her soul ... the side corrupted by evil BACCHUS.  And then what must
arrive occured, Sonia got called by the gods to enforce the Avatars
... Job she did with pleasure of course ;-) All was fine, peaceful when
BACCHUS tried to get back her Great Priestress ...  but Sonia was now
inspired by the Avatar powers and declined all the propositions
 Bacchus did.
In the end, this old deity tried a last trick by penetrating Sonia's
body and replace her soul ...  Luckily, the gods of this Realm noticed
it and granted Sonia with enough power to face BACCHUS ... what she did
... BACCHUS was sent back to his realm ... but Sonia kept in the hearth
a little room for him ...even if she doesn't accept it.

Now, Sonia is the goddess of Fun and Pleasures and that's why she created
the Jokers, the Realm's Fun Spreaders !  A group of nice persons who
like to get Fun and to spread it.  A group of guys and girls who enjoy
all kind of pleasures.  Anyway Sonia dislikes killing people for the
pleasure mainly when they follow the good side ...  Everyone can have
Fun without killing stupidly or annoying someone.

So if you have the same opinion on life and relations maybe you could join
the Jokers by finding their temple somewhere not so far from Freyburg.
There you will find the other conditions to join us.

And don't forget to HAVE FUN !
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