A multi-themed online text adventure


(Caution: Fulmen is not currently in these Realms !)

In former times, before your dimension was formed at it is now, there were
three magicians. Zyron, Nicole and Fulmen himself. They were guardians of
Magic. As Fulmen and Nicole fell in love, Zyron got jealous. He needed
something to concentrate on. So Zyron created a place you surely now.
He formed dwarves, elves and later humans. They all were good and loved each
As Fulmen and Nicole saw that place, they realized that there was too much
love and happiness so that in another edge of the universe the love was
gone and evilness ruled. Universe was out of balance. Fulmen created Magic
and Nicole Evilness. Then, Zyron got mad, because this place was the only
thing he loved. That was the beginning of the War of Magicians. We all
know from school that finally Nicole stole Zyron eyelight and made him
her guardian. Fulmen got bored, became immortal and began to drink.

Since then Fulmen has different names. The incas call him God Of Sun, elves
know him as The Source Of Magic and to humans he is better known as the
God Of Life. If you want to know more about him, visit his temple in
Nova Colonia. You don't need any special alignment to follow him, but you
should be at least level 20. There are special rules to follow his way:

1. Do only what _you_ want. Don't be member of any clan.
2. Live your life. Love yourself.
3. Beer helps.

At the moment Fulmen has left this dimension and it it not known if and when
he will be back !
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