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Once upon a time, a long long time ago, the Sun was killed by 
Ancient Gods. Nobody could see the beauty of the world, so many places
were unvisited : everything was covered in darkness, everything was
grey. Men were ignorant of their world and spent their time in killing 
each other. After ages of Darkness and Fear, a crew of seven heroes,
took the road to the kingdom of Death. There was jailed the dead Sun. 
They travelled Seven months to finally meet the Seven Hell Caretakers. 
They asked for seven tasks, each of which was solved by one of the 
Heroes. Then the master of the Kingdom of Wandering Souls allowed the 
Sun to follow them back to the world above. Since those times, Faery
is called LightBringer for having brought the Sun back to men.

    Faery is one of the elven child of Mother Nature. He now lives in 
peace in a crystal forest whose trees are as translucid as the glass, 
where the light of the sun always shines. He wears clothes of a traveller, 
and bears trophies from the sun itself. He is followed by a tigress,
rides pegasi, drinks at rainbow fountains and lives surrounded by 
faerie creatures such as pixies and unicorns. He is married to the 
sweet Cavedweller, Mystic Shaman and Ruler of Beast. Mother Nature 
asked him to keep an eye on her growing daughter Thalura.

    Faery is the god of Explorations. Nomads, hermits and vagabonds 
trust in him. He is also the light for the minds, and for this has 
been dubbed the God of Inventions. He used to give his ideas and 
thought, and among the Immortals is known to talk friendly and 
frankly, even if he is sometimes a bit impulsive.

    If you want to follow him, you have to keep neutral or good align.
Druids, Rangers, Bards, Reaver Knights and Sages are the one who suit
the best his philosophy (but he won't reject heroes of the other classes).

    And remember the rose is the nicest creation of this world : dancing 
under the rays of sun, holding the sweetness of the due in her arms and
giving her flavor treasure to the one who tames her.
See Also: worship
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