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Long ago, on a very windy autumn morning, Cavedweller was born. She was the
only offspring of of two simple elves, who lived high in the treetops of a
great elven town. At first her birth seemed ordinary, but as time went on,
Cavedweller began to appear different than the other elves. Her hair grew in
long and dark, unlike the other elves, and when she gazed at a person with
her large dark eyes, it was as if she could see into their souls.
As time passed, she began to train as a warrior. All the village elders tried
desperately to persuade cavedweller to forsake life as a warrior. They tried
to force her into learning the elven ways of magic, but Cavedweller resisted.
At 17 years of age Cavedweller finally left her family and elven village and
went on her own.
She continued to live her life as a warrior against the wishes of her fellow
elves. One day as she was exploring the lands, alone from her people, she
suddenly set her eyes upon the most beautiful of all beings. Faery,
Lightbringer to the Gods sat in front of her in his chariot, pulled by four
pegasi. At that moment, she knew she could only love him.
In time, Cavedweller began to learn the magical ways of her elven ancestors.
She became the first warlord known to the lands, and devoted much of her life
to helping all who were in need.
Eventually she became immortal and moved into a great cave which was formed
below the roots of an ancient redwood tree. There she still lives with her
many animal friends.
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