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Aragorn, Son of Arathorn, Isildur's Heir, also known as Strider.
He is a strong man with black hair and dark green eyes.
The incredible power he calls his own can be guessed from a look of his eyes,
like deep wells, leading to places no mortal soul shall ever see.

After the end of his mortal life in the 3. age, leaving a reunioned Gondor,
his mind being free of a body found this realm in it's raw stage. He decided
to shape it to his will.

He fights against the evil, honor is the most important virtue for him. His
class is the Paladin, he has a favour for warriors.

You can become a follower if your alignment is not evil and you are at least
level 25. Class and race do not matter.

Should you be caught with evil alignment, a KILLER or a THIEF flag you will
be removed from the followers and you will regret your deeds because you will
be hurt...
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