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fame top-twenty

Fame rates the deeds of a character, both historical as well as recent, to
deliver a score of greatness.

To calculate fame, different things are considered:

- level and degrees
- imploc knowledge
- gold
- how often you died
- how many autoquests you solved
- how many QPs you just lately earned
- how many QPs you ever earned
- playtime
- some status symbols / accomplishments

There are two kinds of fames, a short-lived, "current" fame which mirrors
the progression of the character - when a new "rising star" comes up who
owns more and more wealth and gets known throughout the lands by his deeds
the population respects the hero quite well. But as time goes by, these
deeds fall into oblivion or are only remembered with a fraction of their
importance for the career of a hero. A good part of the current ranking
concentrates on the progress of the hero.

And then there is the "base" fame which mirrors the ground level of respect
the hero has achieved among the humanoid population for his glorious deeds
throughout the years. In contrast to the current rating, the base fame does
not put a stress on the progress but rather on absolute achievements of a

For purposes of the top-twenty board, the last three "current" ratings as well
as the "base" rating are combined in some way to produce an overall ranking.

That is, the Top Ten board shows the twenty most famous heroes, those who
are on the uprising scale of today, yesterday and the day before (so to speak),
and those who have achieved a long lasting reputation.

For game internal purposes, the "current" ranking mirrors the game activity
of the characters and can be used e.g. for things like measuring activity for
clans etc.

If you turn NOLIST on, you are not displayed on the hero boards, your fame
is calculated nevertheless and can be used for internal purposes.
See Also: toggle, nolist, implocs
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