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PURPOSE:   The purpose of a entity is to collect players of similar thoughts,
           levels, classes, expressions, age or whatever.
RIGHTS:    The election of the chieftain (see below) can be carried 
           out as the clan wishes. The rules of the clan will be written 
           down in the help file to be available with help <clanname>. 
           The clan members may have a [clanname] in their title. The 
           chieftain may have a [[clanname]] in his/her title. The clan
           name (or its abbreviation) must not be longer then 12 chars.
           The clan items must not be available in a shop.
CHIEFTAIN: Each clan has an elected leader (chieftain) who is responsible for 
           - to some degree - for the deeds of the clan members. He can accept 
           and deny members as well as ban members.
           (However a good chieftain will ask his clan members before)
           A clan member can _not_ be Avatar.
I.   Setting up an entity
II.  Maintaining an entity
III. Guidelines for Clan-buildings
IV.  Guidelines for Clan-items
V.   Technical details
I.   Setting up an entity

To set up a new clan you will need at least 5 active players (no 2. chars, or 
dummy chars*), and the amount of 3 million coins. 
Furthermore you have to set up clan-rules which have to be different from 
the existing ones.

* Meaning that a person is not allowed to have more then one char in the
  same clan and that chars being created just to get 7 people are not
  valid (the immos will check....)
II.  Maintaining a Clan
In order to keep the Clan alive you (as the leader or chieftain) have to
take care that:
The maintenance of a clan depends on the number of active players and an
amount of gold depending on the level of the clan. Furthermore you will
have to pay for your clan-home a monthly fee. If a clan has not enough
active members and or enough gold on the clan account the clan will lose a
level, or, if it is already at lowest level will be deleted.
The minimum playtime needed depends on the level of the clan.
III.  Guidelines for Clan-Buildings
See 'help clanhomes' for details about clanhomes!
IV. Guidelines for Clan-Items
- The clan-item must be approved by the GrGods+, a spec-proc is allowed, but
  every clan-item has to be different by its look and its functions.
- Only one portal and one special procedure (additional to the clan item)
  are allowed per clan !

IV. Technical details

The clan account can be accessed via the old safe in the Heroes
Residence in Freyburg. All clan members can deposit and check the balance.

The following flags can be set for clans:

- no stone race (the number of stones will not be shown with showclan)
- all withdraw (all clan members can withdraw from clan account)
- leadrank (can be lower than 99)
- nobletitle (visible for everybody)
- no pray in log (pray for clan item wont be logged in clanlog)
- members view log (clanlog visible for members)
- no clantalk (disable clantalk)
These flags are OFF by default!

Clan items have to have the following stats:
NO_DONATE MAGIC BLESS NO_SELL, weight 2-4, val 0, cost/day 50
A maximum of 3 wear positions is allowed, clan items can have
up to 30 points bonus points for checkcregu.
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