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Clerics have wisdom of peace, blessings and healing, and are usually friendly
and helpful. Most adventurers value them for their healing abilities, yet
clerics can master destructive magic as well. Clerics are blessed with a lot
of defensive magic and are known to be able to fight monsters for hours.

The prime stats of a cleric are intelligence and wisdom. For those who choose
the path of might after level 60, strength and dexterity are useful. Some of
the powerful cleric robes are very heavy so for a simple cleric it is helpful
to have at least a moderate strength.

After level 60 a thief can remort into the following classes:
  -  Ranger     (Cleric/Warrior)
  -  Druid      (Cleric/Thief)
  -  Priest     (Cleric/Cleric)
  -  Sage       (Cleric/Mage)
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