A multi-themed online text adventure


Ancient                           SF (former classnames)
Sorcerer    (Mage/Mage)           Conjurer
Priest      (Cleric/Cleric)       Exorcist
Assassin    (Thief/Thief)         Headhunter
Knight      (Warrior/Warrior)     Captain
Paladin     (Warrior/Cleric)      Preacher
Warlord     (Warrior/Mage)        Slayer
Fighter     (Warrior/Thief)       Sentinel
Sage        (Cleric/Mage)         Seer
Ranger      (Cleric/Warrior)      Pathfinder
Druid       (Cleric/Thief)        LoneWolf      
Bard        (Thief/Cleric)        Historian
Ninja       (Thief/Mage)          Sniper
Rogue       (Thief/Warrior)       Spy
Spellsword  (Mage/Warrior)        Sectarian
Wizard      (Mage/Cleric)         Mystic
Monk        (Mage/Thief)          Wrestler

Warrior                           Trooper
Cleric                            Jedi
Mage                              Dark Jedi
Thief                             Smuggler

The multiclasses have all the spells/skills of their first class and
most of the second class + additional spells/skills special to their
chosen combination.
The 4 combinations of the same base classes (e.g. warrior/warrior)
have especially powerful new spells/skills. 
You will be able to chose one of the new classes once you reach level
60. As a Thief for instance you will be able to choose from all the
Thief/xxx classes (Assassin,Bard,Ninja,Rogue).
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