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Clan Spellworm is the 'tough-to-the-bones',
                        'only-magic-counts' circle of Magicusers.
Requirements to applicate into our ranks:
If anything can be done by Magic, DO it by Magic !
Your first Class has to be out of the Casters branch.
To applicate, write a letter to one of the clanmembers, with a description of
your character and why you want to become a member.
He/she will then post your application to our clanboard, where a discussion
will start, on whether to accept or reject you :) .
If only one of the current members votes against your membership, then you
won't be invited into our humble circle (a new application later is allowed).
-Help your clancomrades whenever they're in need of it (except due to point 5)

-You may stand to the 'upper' or 'lower' side of the SCHWARTZ, this isn't
         important, only the MAGIC counts.

-Keep up the SPELLWORM REPUTATION in the Mud :)

-If Clans/Groups fight each other, you're free to stand on either side, as
    long as you - don't attack a clanfellow
                - don't fight for a Clan/Group, that spills the
                        SPELLWORM reputation.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or
    anyone of our honorable Clan-council.
Yours cincerly Albion, former chieftain
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