A multi-themed online text adventure


{ The Rangers of the Lost Mysteries (rangers) }


1. You have to be at least level 30 to join the RANGERS.
2. You have to stay neutral in the wars and affairs of the Mud. 
   All aligns are accepted, but neutral is preferred.
3. You have to help other clan members and any other mudder
   in need of help.
4. You are encouraged to have a pet.

And the most important thing:

5. We, RANGERS, want to explore the unknown and improve our
   knowledge of the realm.

**You are allowed to:**

1. Read our famous clanboard in the RANGERS fort and share
   the knowledge of our clan.
2. Have a [RANGERS] in your title.
3. Receive and wear the RANGERS belt.

To enter the clan you will have to solve a mission or answer
some questions about the Mud to check if you can be accepted.

**History and Behaviour**

Maruk originally founded the clan and since we have had and still 
have legendary players like:
Wolverine, Wulfgar, Yeti, Kham, Faery, Vlad, Ska, Ann, Cargan, Sivers...
The main purpose of a member of the RANGERS is to improve his knowledge 
of the realm, to improve his equipment and to keep the friendship between
members. A RANGER lives by and for exploration.
The summary of the clan is contained in a sentence of Wolverine:
"Rangers is a clan of people, whose sole purpose is not the killing,
but the exploring and travelling in the lands of Multimud."

Former members of the RANGERS who have retired from the active forces, 
receive the title of [Retired Elder of RANGERS].
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