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A long time ago, darkness reigned over the lands of MultiMUD. Twilight and
chaos held sway, and Thador had followers great in both number and power.
Citizens were slain without reason or remorse, and vice was rampant. Thus
was the Paladin clan founded; to fight the forces of evil, and to protect
virtue. We built a stronghold in the north, near the seat of King Welmar's
power, in order to protect not only Keorangar's great leader, but to give
shelter to the young and inexperienced of the thriving city of Freyburg.
Since then the Paladin clan has grown in power, to become a mighty force for
truth and justice.

Being a Paladin takes dedication and a true desire to stand for morality.
Paladins are representatives and stewards of the Light, and must keep this
philosophy at the forefront of all their actions. A Paladin's behavior is
guided by eight virtues:


In addition to upholding these eight virtues, Paladins must also obey these
clan rules:

Paladins must fight evil, whether in Sin City, the Underworld, or wherever
they may find it.
Paladins must keep good alignment.
Paladins must never tease newbies, and offer _real_ assistance to those who
need a helping hand. (Not just giving money, eq, or spells - this means
actually teaching them some aspects of how to play)
Paladins must never acquire a THIEF or KILLER flag.
Paladins must never wimp or flee (retreating is OK) - as a Paladin, you are
the first to fight and the first to fall.
Paladins must roleplay! Remember who you are, and remember that the Paladin
virtues guide you!

You must meet certain restrictions in order to become a Paladin. Drow elves,
duergar dwarves, and demons need not apply. Those who are not at least part
cleric or warrior should be able to demonstrate by roleplay that they fit in
the clan. Successful applicants to the Paladin clan become squires. This is
a testing period during which applicants will be evaluated for strong
roleplay and good behavior. The duration of squireship is set on a
case-by-case basis.

If you feel that you are ready to make this commitment, contact a Paladin
leader by mudmail.
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