A multi-themed online text adventure


1. Must be at least level 20 to apply to join (must be level 30 for full
2. Must be either Thief or Mage (or part Thief or Mage) to join.
3. You must help out your brothers and sisters in trouble without any 
4. KILLER and THIEF flags are not allowed. OUTLAWS are permitted to join.
5. All alignments are allowed.
6. Respect all members of the Clan.


   When the Brotherhood of the Mockers was first formed its main idea 
revolved a round selling items to people for a fair price as well as 
assisting people in things such as being a guard (that is keeping client
alive) or assassination attempts (that is killing a mob of they're 
choice for them to get a rare item or just to clear a path for them to
proceed further in whatever that person is doing) all for a certain fee.
The idea still exists but this time with the combination of Thieves and
Mages while doing this from the Shadows. As a member of the Mockers you 
will recieve things such as proper equipment/ being able to kill a 
certain mob both alone and as a group. 
   You are expected to handle yourself a certain way (show respect to 
others). New recruits will be given a task or two upon entering. If you 
wish to enter please mail the current leader or a member that is online.

"The Shadows will show you the way only if you let it."
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