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Clan - Rules Of The Clan Of THE GUARDIAN
 -(Guardians Of Honor And Youth)-

1. You must have reached at least level 20
   to join the Guardian - clan
2. Allowed are :
   All classes and all alignments
3. The Clan is about helping newbies and helping those players who 
   stayed newbyish in their heart.
4. Neither (KILLER) nor (THIEF) nor (outlaw) can join.
5. If you wish to join The Clan Of THE GUARDIAN, at least half of the 
   currently playing GUARDIANs has to agree to you getting enrolled.
6. The Clan Of THE GUARDIAN proposes quite some honor : 
   That means promises etc. are to be held/fulfilled
7. If you think you can manage this points...

The Clan Of THE GUARDIAN is about helping newbies, as many arrive in the 
MUD and don't have any idea of what to do or how to survive.
GUARDIAN has been founded (by Mithrandir) to serve those newbies and other 
players who somehow can't go on having fun.
The Clan is to lead the newbies through the Dark Ages of being newbie ...
And to protect them from the evil forcers which are serving Lord Thador.
So GUARDIAN means safety ...for you and your family ...:)
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