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I.  Guidelines for Clan-Buildings
The clan-building must have an entrance with a guard in front. (1.room = guard-room!)
All clan-homes can ONLY be entered by passing the clan-guard!
Every clan must have a room for the board. Three rooms are free.
Every clan-guard will have the same flags, so no clan can get an advantage 
for the guard (lvl 61).

Homes of the clanmembers in the clanbuilding:
No member has the right to get a home in the clanbuilding, furthermore, if
he/she leaves the clan, he/she will lose also his home in the clan. The clan
immo can be asked to create playerhomes in the clanbuilding.
The clan board and the clan item (to be received with the pray command) are 
covered by the monthly clan fee depending on the level of the clan.

See 'help entitylevel' for details.
For other inventory, like atm, fountains, shops, guildmaster or portals, 
the clan must pay a monthly charge to keep them.
Costs for Inventory of the Clan-Homes:
                   Equipment            Costs
                1. a room           |   25k
                2. fountain         |   35k (any kind of liquid)
                3. atm (bank)       |   50k
                4. additional board |   60k
                5. fun mob / item   |   100k
                6. receptionist/    |   125k
                   locker           |
                7. shop             |   150k (can sell standard eq, 5 pieces)
                8. portal           |   160k (must lead to a room in same area)
                9. guard/guildmaster|   200k 
               10. specials         |   240k (room, mob or obj procedure)
- The clan-item must be approved by the GrGods+, a spec-proc is allowed, but
  every clan-item has to be different by its look and its functions.

- Not more than 50 rooms per clan _including_ PH's !
- One portal per clan, one spec_proc/qengine per clan (additional to the clan item)
- The whole area after the guard must be accessible to non clan members 
  (except PH's of course); this means there can be no passing rooms that 
  are PH's that you can leave into the rest of the clan area.
- No portals to enter another area or enter the clan-home (or to avoid dangerous 
  areas for clan-members only!)

Guard Room:
Allowed      Not allowed
DARK         DEATH
ARENA        PRIVATE  (1)
             NO_SUMMON (2)
Sector 0-5   Sector 6-17
(1) because of charmed mobs
(2) because of clerics
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