A multi-themed online text adventure

stats str int wis dex con cha hitroll damroll magicsave savethrow

The basic abilities of your character are defined by means of these
values. They can be as high as 18 (18/100 in the case of strength).
They are called your STATS and you can see them by using a scroll of
identify or a similar item on yourself. They can be increased tempo-
rarily (by wearing items) or statically (by getting them increased
by a god after completing a mission).

They affect a lot of things, like :

STR: The maximum weight you can carry, the maximum weight of the weapon
     to wield, the damage you do to your enemy in fight.

INT: How well you will learn a new spell/skill when practicing, also
     influencing your fighting abilities. Helps when casting spells
     and to resist them. Helps in learning spells by doing.

WIS: Determines how many practice sessions you will get when leveling 
     and influences fighting, too. Helps when casting, too. Is useful
     to get better savings against spells and to overcome savings of
     the target.

DEX: Will help you avoiding damage and hitting better when fighting.
     Helps with casting, too. Helps in learning skills by doing.

CON: Will mainly determine how quickly you will refresh your HP, MANA
     and MP when resting or sleeping.

CHA: Helps in dealing with shopkeepers and players as well as non-players
     (e.g. CHARM spell).

Hitroll and Damroll: Have a base value of 0 and are affected by eq.
                     Will help a lot when fighting with weapons.
                     Hitroll increase chance to hit, while damroll
                     increase damage. A great hitroll can lead to
                     critical hits.

Magicsave: there are 3 kind of spell saves. they all help to resist
           against magic. They are save-spell (protect against casted
           spells), save-rod (protects versus spells from items as 
           wands, staves, scrolls, traps, ...) and save-breath (
           protects from the magic ability of mobs such as dragon
           breathes, snake poisons, gorgone petrification, ...).
           ! See help SAVING for details !

Please note that not ALL effects are listed here.....

Note that the stats cannot drop below 3 and that there are drawbacks
for low stats:
- To use magic items (wands/staves/scrolls) and fireweapons your INT has 
  to be at least 6.
- To use weapons and fireweapons your DEX has at least to be 5.

If certain stats are below 6 you will have a chance of commands
(-any- commands) not to be executed together with an appropriate
message. For each point the stats are below 6 the chance to
succeed commands will drop by 2% down from 100%. 
This means that if one stat is down at 3 the chance to succeed
the issued commands will be 94%, if two stats are down at 3
the chance will be 88%, with 3 stats (maximum) 82%.
Stats that will produce these effects together with command
failure messages are:
INT Hmm, how's that supposed to work ?
WIS Erm, what did you want to do ?
DEX You fall miserably on the ground.
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