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Bulletin boards are the forum of interplayer communication on the MUD.
There are different bulletin boards for different purposes -- for example,
the mortal board for general announcements and important topics, the
social board for more general topics, the clan board for clan related
things and so on.

Use "LOOK BOARD" or "READ BOARD" to view the list of messages for a 
board.  Remember you might not have permission to read all boards, for
instance, some clan boards can be private and only allow members to read.

To read individual posts on a board,  use "READ <number>".  Each post has
a corresponding number which you can use to view it.  You may also use
negative numbers with the read command, this will display posts in reverse
order.  For example, "read -1" will display the last post on the board,
"read -2" will display the last but one post and so on.
> read 4
> read -2
> read 34

To post on a board, use "WRITE <subject>".  When you press return you'll 
enter the message entering prompt, where you can type your message.  Once
you have finished you can use @ on a newline to finish your message.
> write Am I using these boards correctly?
[writes the message; terminates with a '@']

To remove messages, use "REMOVE <number>".  Of course you can only remove
messages that you can permission to do so, typically this means you may only
remove your own messages.  Negative numbers also work with the remove command
functioning in the same manner as they do for read.
> remove 5
> remove -1
> remove 3
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