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align alignment

Your alignment shows whether you are good, bad or neutral. It can range
from -1000 to +1000; the score command will show your alignment as :

Black as Death           -1000
Black as the Night       -875
Evil                     -750
Almost Evil              -625
Bad                      -500
Almost Bad               -375

Barely Neutral to Bad    -250
Neutral to Bad           -125
Strictly Neutral          0
Neutral to Good           125
Barely Neutral to Good    250

Almost Good               375
Good                      500
Almost Very Good          625
Very Good                 750
Innocent                  875
Pure of Heart             1000

There are monsters which are sensitive to alignment! In addition, there is
equipment which can be worn with a certain alignment only. And some shop-
keepers wont trade with good or bad people.
Your alignment changes if you kill mobs (in the opposite direction of the
mobs align, of course).
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