A multi-themed online text adventure


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ac afk age alias aliases align alignment announce ansi color areas arm ask assassin assist attribute attributes auction autoexit autoloot autoquests autosplit avatars
balance bank barbarian bard battlefield blacksmith boardlist boards boat book boot breath brief bug bugreport buy
cast catfolk centaur cha challenge changes channels check circlemud circlemud credits classes classtable clear cleric close cls command commands communication compact con consider continue crash credits cryo cryogenic
damage damroll death-trap degree degrees demon deposit description dex diagnose die display donate down dragonbreath drink droid droids drop drow elf druid dryad dt duel duelcommands duelling duergar dungeons dur durability dwarf dying
east eat editor elf elves email embalm emote enter equipment examine exits exp experience
faerie fame fight fighter fill firebreath fireweapon fireweapons flags flee follow fountain of youth
get giant give gnome goblin gold gossip grab grats grey elf group gsay gtell guild
half elf half-elf halfelf halforc help history hit hitroll hobbit holler homes hometowns house houses hp human humans
i3credits ibeep ichanlist ichannels ichanwho icolor idea iemote ifinger iignore iinvis ilisten ilocate immlist immortal immortality implementor implocs independence days info inn inns int intermud inventory ireply itell iwho
jail junk
kill killer kiss knight
lag leave levelling levels lifetime link list lizardman lizardmen lock locker lockers look lowbie
mage magic user magicsave mail mana manage merfolk messages minotaur mission missionhints missions mobask mobraces mobskill mobskills money monk movement mp mudinfo mudlist multi multi mud multi-credits multi-history multi-mud multibay multibot multimud multiplay murde murder mystical items mysticals
newbie news newvampire newvampires ninja noauction noduel nogossip nograts nolist noooc noquest norepeat norsay north noshout nosneak nosummon notell
offer ogre oldavatars oldrace oldraces ooc open orc order outlaw outlaws
paladin personal board pet pets pk player shops playerhomes playerkilling playershops playerthiefing pmote policy pose potion potions pour practice practise pray prayerbook prices priest profile prompt psyion put
qsay quaff quest quest-items quest-points questmaster quests qui quit
race races ranger read reboot receive reception recite refill remort remortclass remortclasses remorting remove rent renting repeat reply report resting return reward reward machine rmachine rod rogue roleplay rp rsay
sage satyr save savethrow saving savings say sayto score scroll scrolls search seeds seer sell shelp shopitembuying shopranks shops shout shutdow sip sit skill skills slave slaves sleeping smile socials songbook sorcerer soundproof south spell spelldamage spellfocus spells spellsword split staff staffs stand stats stones str suck survival
take taste tell thief thiefs tic tick ticksize tics time title toggle top-twenty transports troll typo
underworld ungroup unlock up use
value vampire vampires version veterans view visible vulpin
wake wand wands warlord warrior weapon weapons wear weather west where whisper who wield wimp wimpy wis withdraw wizard wizlist wolfen worship write


absorb acid splash adrenalize adv. defense techniques adv. fighting techniques adv. healing techniques adv. magic techniques affect affections affects alter ama ambush ams animal guide animal messenger animate dead anti magic aura anti magic shell appraise armageddon armor asassinate assasinate assassinate
backstab bandage bardsongs bargain bash bear constitution berserk bid bind bless bless area blindness block bloodbath blur burning hands
call lightning call of nature carry minion cause critical wounds cause light wounds cause serious wounds celerity charge charm person chill touch choke circle cleanse cloak of shielding clone color spray compare concentration confuse conjure elemental control weather corrupt air counter magic create food create gold create liquid create trap cure blind cure critic wounds cure insanity cure light wounds cure serious wounds curse
dancing sword deflect deject demonfire detect alignment detect embody detect invisibility detect magic detect poison detect trap disarm disguise dishearten dispel darkness dispel evil dispel good dispel magic distract divination dodge dome of defense dome of power doom bolt dual stab dual wield
earth crush earthquake eavesdrop embody empathy empower enchant weapon endurance energy drain engage evade exploding fist explore
fear fire ward fireball fireblade fireshield flame strike flamestrike flash of light flesh to stone fly flying kick food and water force shell fourth attack frenzy
gamble gluttony gmana group armor group heal group invisibility
hands of wind harm haste heal hell blast hide hide object hitfeet hold holy revenge holy touch homing beacon
identify infravision infuse sword insanity invisibility ironfist
kick knightly manners
leadership levitate object lifeforce lightning bolt locate object locate person
magic missile marksman mask mask alignment mass heal mass sleep mental trap mixpotion mystic
nasty judo nighteye nuke
parry pathfinding peace personal cloud pick lock play instrument poison poison weapon preach projection purify
quickblade quickness
rage recall regroup remove curse remove poison repair repel undead rescue rest resurrect retreat return youth revelation ride rift righteous fire
sanctuary sandstorm scan area scribe second attack sense ambush sense life sense souls shadow portal sharpen shocking grasp shockwave shoot silence sixth sense sleep slow sneak snipe song of nature song of war spy stash steal stone to flesh stoneskin strength summon survey area swim
tame teleport tertiary strike third attack throw throw dirt track transport true faith tune instrument
ventriloquate vision
waitstates wall of fire warcry waterwalk weaken wild rage wither strike wizards eye wizards power word of advice word of recall

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