A multi-themed online text adventure


This section exclaims the most used abbreviations and concepts of multimud.


AC: (abbrev.) Armour Class. Your protection against physical pain. {help ac}
AFK: (abbrev.) Away from keyboard. Player might not be in front of his terminal) {help afk}
AKA: (abbrev.) Also known as.
Align: (abbrev.) Alignement.Shows on who`s side you`re on and should be involved into your roleplay. Alignements are: EVIL,NEUTRAL and GOOD. Some items can only be used with the appropiriate aligement. There are also Clans which only accept people with a certain alignement. (to get a good align you got to kill evil mobs...){help align}
ASAP: (abbrev.) As soon as possible.
Autoquest : -> see Quest.
Avatar: Avatars help newbies and lowbie players and are watching over the mud as hands of the gods. You can be muted or jailed by an Avatar but mostly you ask an Avatar for help if you got a problem. {help avatar}


BF: (abbrev.) Bertolds Fountain. Meetingplace in Freyburg the capitoltown of the mud.
Board: Bulletin boards make a timeinvariant communication among players possible. There are lots of boards in multimud. (social-, quest- ,mortal-, pk- , clan-, guild-board...) There are also some boards in the library.Don`t be a fool : READ THE BOARDS ! {help board}


CHA: (abbrev.) Charisma. -> see stats
Channel: The mud has different channels which allow a direct communication among players.{help toggle}{help gossip}
There are different kinds of channels for different purposes like :
  • Auction channel for selling things among players.
  • Newbie channel for beginner's questions.
  • Race channels to talk with your kinds. (just your race understands what is talked on this channel)
  • Private channel (tell) to talk directly to a player.
  • Clan channel to talk with clanfellows.
  • Gossip channel to talk with ALL in the mud. (be careful if you use this channel, cause ppl. become annoyed fast if you talk stupid things!)

Clan: (also entity) Clans are a group of ppl. with similar thoughts, purposes, joined together. There is f.e. the GUARDIAN clan to help newbie players to get along. {help entity}
Class : Your kind of character. There are four initial classes (Warrior ,Thief ,Cleric ,Mage ). In multi you can choose your class again if you reach lev 60 and remort into 16 different kinds of classes (you`ll regain the abilities of your former class with your level) :

Ancient Name Class combination SF Name(former classnames)
Sorcerer (Mage/Mage) Conjurer
Priest (Cleric/Cleric) Exorcist
Assassin (Thief/Thief) Headhunter
Knight (Warrior/Warrior) Captain
Paladin (Warrior/Cleric) Preacher
Warlord (Warrior/Mage) Slayer
Fighter (Warrior/Thief) Sentinel
Sage (Cleric/Mage) Seer
Ranger (Cleric/Warrior) Pathfinder
Druid (Cleric/Thief) LoneWolf
Bard (Thief/Cleric) Historian
Ninja (Thief/Mage) Sniper
Rogue (Thief/Warrior) Spy
Spellsword (Mage/Warrior) Sectarian
Wizard (Mage/Cleric) Mystic
Monk (Mage/Thief) Wrestler

CON: (abbrev.) Constitution. -> see stats
Consider: consider tells you your chances to fight a mob.{help consider}
Cryo: (abbrev.) Cryogenics -> see Inn


DAM, DR : (abbrev.) Damroll. -> see stats
DEX : (abbrev.) Dexterity. -> see stats
DT : (abbrev.) Death Trap. If you travel through the lands without reading the description, (which is imho equivalent to walk blindly thru the world), it can happen that you hit a DT. (like falling down a cliff). If you hit a DT you DIE !!! Your equipment is lost forever but you don't loose exp.


EQ : (abbrev.) Equipment. Your personal eq. can raise all of your stats and let you look welldressed. There are many wearpositions where your eq can be worn. A good equpement is most important if you wanna be successful in the mud. There is also sepcial eq you can only get as a reward for a completed or well done quest, or buy it for precious questpoints. Each part of eq. isn't indestructible and has a certain lifetime before it breaks, so be careful and visit the blacksmith regulary.
Exp: (abbrev.) EXperience Points. exp. are a measurement for your progress in the game. If you reach a certain amount of exp (by fighting mobs f.e.) you gain a level (or later an degree.).{help exp}


God : Gods are administrators of the mud and do lot`s of work.(Mostly they are busy with torturing players, implementing and running quests).See wizlist and immlist for a topical list of gods .{help immo}
Group : You can make a party with your fellows to fight and quest together. A good group consists of different classes which share their skills to help eachother. (like a cleric and a warrior){help group}


Healthy Room : These rooms give you a faster restoration. This means your hits, mana and moves raise faster if you rest or sleep there. F.e. nearly every cathedral is a healthy room. Its strongly recommended to cure your wounds there after a hard fight.
HIT, HR: (abbrev.) Hitroll -> see stats
Hits: (abbrev.) Hitpoints also HP -> see stats


IMHO: (abbrev.) In my humble opinion.
Immo: (abbrev.) Immortal. Immortals have a certain status in the mud and have been rewarded with immortality by the gods. See also gods.
Inn: Most Inns are used to rent in multi. If you wanna quit playing and store the eq you wear you rent in an inn or at the cryogenics. You can rent max. 30 items which will be charged with a certain fee for storing them per day. Its enough to have some money with you or have some gold at your bank account. If you wanna rent for a day you best use an Inn. If you wanna rent for a longer time (more than 4 days) you should use the cryo. which will cahrge you a fee for 4 days as long as u wanna stay out of the game. {help rent}
INT: (abbrev.) Intelligence. -> see stats
IRO: (abbrev.) In rememberings of someone.


Locker Equipement can be stored in a locker. Nearly every town has lockers. A locker can store 10 up to 30 items. You can pay from 4 to 8 weeks in advance.{help locker}
lol (abbrev.) laughs out loudly. (a social to let you know that someone`s laughting)


Mana: -> see stats.
Mission : Every 10`th level players get a mission flag. With this flag the character can't reach the next level and it just can be removed by solving his mission. To get a mission one has to pray to the gods. (If there is god is online he`ll soon give you a certain mission, but dont pray too often if you don't want to annoy the gods.){help mission}
Mob: (abbrev.) Mobile. A mobile is a non playing character of the mud. It can be peaceful or agressive. You can fight mobs to get experience.{help mob}
MV: (abbrev.) MoVementpoints. -> see stats.


Newbie: (lowbie) Begginer , someone who is new to sth. - newbies in multimud (levels 1-10) are free from some penalties. (like recall allways in frey, get some eq for free (search for donationrooms in cathedrals to get eqiupment in the beginning, its only for newbies). If you have newbie question please use the newbie-channel !


Oath : If you see players with a oath flag like [OATH], it means that they accord to the oath rules standing on the Pk-board (down in the guild). This rules are only interresting if you are doing Pk in the underworld generally.
OOC: (abbrev.) out of character. Player tries to say something which is not relevant to the gameplay. When you talk in the mud you should ALLWAYS try to do roleplay !


Ph: (abbrev.) Playerhome. A playerhome is available in the townhall. A playerhome is a private home for your character. You can store equipement there and rent. Players which play often use mostly a ph. insted of renting in the inn.
PK : (abbrev.) Player Kill. PK is done if you fight against other players.There are special PK zones for that purpose. Read help PK
Policy : The rules of the game ! Read them carefully. See help policy


Quest: In multimud there are Quests and Autoquests.Quests are run by the Gods for Players. In a quest players have to solve different problems and show their knowledge and ability. Autoquests are fixed installed quests and one can find them all over the mud. Quests are often well-rewarded with gold or questpoints.
Qp: (abbrev.) Questpoint. Questpoints allow you to buy special equipement (like eq. that allways casts a spell on you or has very good stat. bonusses), or to change it for Stats.


Race: There a lots of different races in multimud : The 7 mayor races are Human, Elf, Halfelf, Dwarf, Hobbit, Orc and Vampire (only recommended for experienced players cause Vamps. get special advantages and disadvantages from beginning) each with their own hometown. There are also lots of minor races.(Barbarian, Ogre, Troll, Demon, Faerie, Drow elf, Goblin, Gnome, Duergar, Giant)
Recall: (Scroll of recall) Expensive in the beginning, but one of the most useful items. It teleports you directly into the Cathedral of the nearest town. usage: recite recall
RL: (abbrev.) Real Life.
Rofl: (abbrev.) Rollls over the floor. indirect social
RP: (abbrev.) Roleplay. Roleplay is a kind of playing active theatre. Read the roleplay-guide for more information.


SAS: (abbrev.) save against spells. -> see stats
Skills: Skills are your abilities in the mud. (like lockpicking or hiding for example). You can practice your Skills in your guild at your guildmaster. Surly there are many guilds in multi and it`s a quest to find the right master to gain more skillpower.{type: skills} to see all skills
Social: Socials allow players to inicate their mood or interact on a emotioanl level in the mud. F.e: laugh, cry, threaten....{type : social} to see all socials
Spells: Spellcaster can use their magic forces to survive. (like throw fireballs on enemies or cure themselves){type : spells} to see all spells
Stats: The attributes determinating your powers. There are : STR(ength), DEX(terity), INT(elligence), WIS(dom), CON(stitution), CHA(risma), HIT(roll), DAM(roll), SPELLFOCUS, SAS (save against spells), Save Breath (save against (dragon-)breath). There are also the three most important basic stats : Hit(points), Mana (Magic Energy) and MoVemenpoints. It`s very important to give your character stats which are according to it`s class. (It wouldn`t be wise to play a stupid mage or a weak warrior or better a clumsy thief !){help stats}
STR: (abbrev.) Strength -> see stats


Tank : A tank is a brave hero who fights the enemy in the first rank of your party so he tanks all the damage the enemy does to him and needs to be cared for.


UW: (abbrev.) Underworld. The underworld is a special feature of this mud. It is a dangerous random created zone which is completely declared as a PK-zone and where one can solve a special quest. You can get Stones from the Underworld which can be used for different purposes. {help underworld}


WIS : (abbrev.) Wisdom. -> see stats


XP: (abbrev.) Experience. -> see exp


Zone: A Zone is the area ( a bunch of single connected rooms) in the mud. You can see f.e. a city as a zone. A list of all zones in the mud can be found in the Freyburg Tourist Office. {help zone}
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